Welcome President Harding / Tacoma July 1923

Welcome President Harding / Tacoma July 1923

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Ribbon worn by greeter of President Warren G. Harding during an official visit to Tacoma, Washington, 1923. Printed silk.

Anticipating his reelection campaign the following year, President Harding embarked on a national tour in the summer of 1923, dubbed a "Voyage of Understanding," to explain his policies to average people. Traveling by train, he made his way west from Washington, addressing large crowds at every stop, then headed north, where he became the first president to visit Alaska. On his return down the Pacific coast, he was stricken by what was thought to be a severe case of food poisoning. Arriving in San Francisco on July 31, he developed pneumonia and died of a heart attack (misdiagnosed as a stroke) on the evening of Aug. 2.

This ribbon was issued for one of Harding's last public appearances before his death.

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