Rough Riders, three Bills, and Uncle Joe

First, we want to express our condolences to the family of legendary political button auctioneer Al Anderson, who passed away earlier in the week after a lengthy battle with cancer. Like many of you, we followed his quarterly auctions for decades, and regularly reference his prices realized for market research. Anytime we found an unusual button, our first question was often, "What did it bring in Anderson?" He will be sorely missed, but we hope the company he founded will continue.

This update features an array of late 19th and early 20th century pinbacks, posters and objects, centering around that most dynamic of politicians, Teddy Roosevelt, and his peers and rivals, in particular the "three Bills" -- McKinley, Bryan and Taft. Several of these items are new to our catalog, and a few we've never seen before in over 20 years of dealing. To round it out, some lesser known figures are represented, including the powerful House Speaker Joe Cannon, briefly a presidential contender though past 70 years of age.

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