1888 Georgia ballot box hoard / Cleveland-Thurman ticket

1888 Georgia ballot box hoard / Cleveland-Thurman ticket

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3 x 4 in.


Electoral ticket promoting Grover Cleveland for president and Allen Thurman for vice president, listing electors for the state of Georgia, 1888. Congressional candidate for 9th District is printed at the bottom. Toning, wrinkles, rough edges and general age. Representative examples shown. Size is approximate.

Actually cast as ballots in the election, a practise still allowed in some jurisdictions in the late 19th century, these tickets were retrieved from an original ballot box recently discovered in a southern estate. According to our source, the box was found hidden in a barn attic and was partially exposed to the elements. Although badly rusted, and caked in a century's accumulation of dust and grime, the contents were amazingly intact! Crudely printed and hastily cut from a larger sheet, each ticket was folded by the voter for secrecy, before being cast. We carefully unfolded them, and culled out any too severely degraded by the ravages of time. No two are exactly the same.

Electoral tickets from the Reconstruction era South are quite rare, and it was only the chance survival of a ballot box that ensured the existence of these. We are pleased to offer our customers the opportunity to own a piece of this historic find!

See also the Harrison-Morton ticket from the same hoard (item 4541).


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