Abraham Lincoln:
Abraham Lincoln: 'Beloved Alike by Rich and Poor' silver medal (1861)

Abraham Lincoln: "Beloved Alike by Rich and Poor" silver medal (1861)

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Medal celebrating President Abraham Lincoln, c. 1861.
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Medal celebrating President Abraham Lincoln, c. 1861. Silver. DeWitt AL 1860-7B. OBV: Bust of Lincoln to right; around, ABRAHAM LINCOLN. REV: Inscription, BELOVED/ ALIKE/ BY RICH/ AND POOR, enclosed within wreath.

Sullivan, in his revision of DeWitt, remarks:

The bust is based on a profile portrait taken by William March of Springfield at the request of Col. William J. Bramhall, who had met Lincoln at dinner on the day of his Cooper Union speech. Bramhall said when receiving the photo, "I determined to have struck at my own expense a campaign medal bearing the likeness of the party choice."
This medal (AL 1860-6) was subsequently struck with a new reverse for Lincoln's inauguration (AL 1860-7), and again with various reverse mulings during and after Lincoln's presidency (see DeWitt, American Political Badges and Medalets, p. 174). 1860-7B was likely struck in the early months of Lincoln's presidency. Found in silver, copper, brass and white metal; the silver mintage is unknown but certainly low. High grade specimen.

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