Andrew Jackson:
Andrew Jackson: 'Roman Head' Hard Times token (Low 4)

Andrew Jackson: "Roman Head" Hard Times token (Low 4)

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Medalet celebrating President Andrew Jackson, 1834.
Catalog No: 20251
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SIZE: 26 mm
GRADE: Choice/AU

Medalet celebrating President Andrew Jackson, 1834. Brass. DeWitt CE 1834-27. Low 4. HT-6. OBV: Togated bust of Jackson to right; inscription around, ANDREW JACKSON PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.. REV: Inscription, ELECTED A.D. 1829. REELECTED A.D. 1832., enclosing, WE/ COMMEMOAT (sic)/ THE GLORIOUS/ VICTORIES OF/ OUR HERO IN/ WAR & IN PEACE.

Issued by supporters of the president in reaction to the widely circulated anti-Jackson Hard Times tokens produced by the Whig opposition. Choice specimen.

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