Do you own a piece of historical or political memorabilia you can't identify? Is it authentic? Are you curious what it's worth? Our founder, Victor Mongeau, is a nationally recognized expert in historical Americana. As a collector and dealer, he has personally handled hundreds of thousands of items, and if he hasn't owned it, he has probably seen it...and if he hasn't seen it, you could have something rare and potentially worth a lot of money! Victor also knows how to spot the fakes, and will be happy to authenticate an item before you invest a lot of money. A five-minute consultation is free.

You can use the form found on the Contact Us page to reach Victor, or call our toll-free number. Please allow up to a week for a response, and please restrict inquiries to historical and political Americana. If your item falls outside Victor's area of expertise, he'll try to refer you to another specialist, but the volume of inquiries may preclude a reply. If you are trying to sell the item, use the form found on the Contact Us page. And please note, values given are merely estimates, not appraisals. Victor is happy to be consulted by appraisers, but there is a fee for the service.

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