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11.5 x 11.5 in.


Novelty dart board satirizing President Ronald Reagan and the supply-side economic policies of his administration, 1982. Cork and particleboard, with printed design. Egar Enterprises, Inc., Bethesda, Maryland. Includes instruction sheet (darts not included). Features caricature of Reagan in cowboy duds, holding a banner reading, BONZONOMICS, and firing a toy pistol with flag coming out of barrel reading, WHAT RECESSION? Jar of jelly beans at left; ten gallon hat at right. Circles with numbers indicating scores are strategically placed, the highest score on Ronnie's buttocks! A perfect score results in "a presidential R.I.F." (i.e. a reduction in force at the White House, or removal of the chief executive).

Reagan had a rocky start to his presidency, and came under fire from the left for his handling of the economy and conservative approach to governing, which included cutting domestic spending and downsizing several non-defense agencies. This dart board is one of the more clever anti-Reagan novelty items marketed at the time. One of our pickers turned up a small number of unused examples.

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