Blaine and Logan: Good For Another Term

Blaine and Logan: Good For Another Term

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Medalet promoting James Blaine for president and John Logan for vice president, 1884. White metal. DeWitt 1884-21. Holed for suspension.

Obv. Jugata busts of Blaine and Logan to left; signature of engraver, P.L.KRIDLER PHILA., below; enclosed in beaded border. Rev. Inscription around in two concentric circles, THE REPUBLICANS HAVE RULED SINCE 1860 AND WITH BLAINE AND LOGAN ARE GOOD FOR ANOTHER TERM, enclosing a shield inscribed UNION; enclosed in beaded border.

Divisions within the party and a scandal over Blaine's role in the Credit Mobilier affair brought defeat to the Republican ticket, despite 24 years of GOP control of the executive and a recently martyred standard-bearer.

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