Charles E. Hughes: Chief Justices of the Supreme Court

Charles E. Hughes: Chief Justices of the Supreme Court

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15 x 22 in.


Poster, a montage of portraits of United States Supreme Court justices from John Jay to Charles Hughes, c. 1930. West Publishing Co., St. Paul, Minnesota. "From the original paintings in the Supreme Court building." Light wrinkles and a few small tears in margins.

Charles Evans Hughes had a long and distinguished career in law, politics and diplomacy before his re-appointment to the high court by Herbert Hoover. It was in this final stage of his career that he would have the greatest influence on American society, for he would become the conservative counterweight to Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930s. Hughes led the court in reigning in the executive, ruling un-Constitutional large swathes of the New Deal. This poster was issued during Hughes' consequential tenure on the bench, and would make an interesting bookend to a collection of campaign items.

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