Charles Lindbergh: Pass to Bruno Hauptmann Trial

Charles Lindbergh: Pass to Bruno Hauptmann Trial

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Official pass to the trial of Bruno Hauptmann, accused of kidnapping the son of Charles Lindbergh, Flemington, New Jersey, Jan. 21, 1935. No. 23, issued to Havi Smith. Light creases and corner wear, with some discoloration near bottom edge, and period pencil notations.

Bruno Hauptmann had been arrested on September 19, 1934, for the crime of kidnapping Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr. from the Lindbergh home in Hopewell, New Jersey. Hauptmann's trial was front-page news from its start on January 2, until his conviction on February 14. Seats in the courtroom were in such demand that the judge had to chastise the attorneys for both sides for issuing subpoenas ostensibly to "witnesses" who, in reality, were friends hoping to get a seat to view the proceedings! Despite his pleas for clemency to the governor, who had lingering doubts about his guilt, Hauptmann was executed in the electric chair on April 3, 1936.

Hauptmann trial tickets rarely appear on the market, and this is the first example we have offered.

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