Coxey's Army: Rare KEEP OFF THE GRASS paper ribbon

Coxey's Army: Rare KEEP OFF THE GRASS paper ribbon

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Ribbon promoting policies advocated by Jacob Coxey, issued for the march he led on Washington (Coxey's Army), 1894. Paper. Sullivan-Fischer 1894-1a. "Supplement to Coxey's Daily." Pictures Coxey behind bars under the legend, KEEP OFF THE GRASS. Lists Coxey's principal demands, including employment, improved highways, shorter work days, ending child labor, and the issuing of paper money rather than bonds.

In 1894, Ohio businessman Jacob Coxey led a march from Ohio to Washington calling attention to the workers' plight in the great depression of 1892-96. Upon the march's arrival in Washington, Coxey and other leaders were arrested for walking on the grass of the United States Capitol, hence the slogan on this ribbon and image of Coxey behind bars. Excellent example, and very scarce.

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