Franklin D. Roosevelt:
Franklin D. Roosevelt: 'Fairly Deserves Reelection' composed type placard

Franklin D. Roosevelt: "Fairly Deserves Reelection" composed type placard

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Poster promoting Franklin Roosevelt for president, 1936.
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SIZE: 8 x 9.5 in.
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Placard promoting Franklin Roosevelt for president, 1936. S. Yates, Brooklyn. Portrait of Roosevelt is created with composed type. Text is a flattering biography of the president; his eyebrow reads: His hobby is philately. He is regarded as America's ace collector.; his tie: Roosevelt is the first nominee personally to appear before the convention that nominated him. Roosevelt's famous initials double as the first letters of the slogan, "Fairly Deserves Reelection." Copyright notice in lower margin reads, "Copyrighted July 1936 by S. Yates, 4419 18th Ave, Brooklyn, New York." Unique!

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