Franklin Roosevelt and his Republican rivals

This catalog update features over 80 new items, all from the campaigns of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Republicans who challenged him, Alfred Landon (1936), Wendell Willkie (1940), and Thomas Dewey (1944). Most are from a single collection assembled before 1980. This is a fun one, with a broad range in terms of price, but even the cheaper pins are ones you don't often see. We also assembled several little theme collections and groupings that are real values.

The response to our "Blast from the Past" was tremendous, and we have continued adding to the Back in Stock category, so be sure to take another look if you haven't recently. We've also been listing off-condition items from the collection for auction on eBay, all starting at $9.99, and that will continue. More great items from the collection will appear in future updates.

Hobbies such as collecting are known to be excellent stress management techniques. History is our best teacher, and knowing what past generations overcame makes facing our own challenges easier.

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