Gen. Winfield Scott
Gen. Winfield Scott 'First in War First in Peace'

Gen. Winfield Scott "First in War First in Peace"

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Medalet promoting Winfield Scott for president, 1852.
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Medalet promoting Winfield Scott for president, 1852. Brass. DeWitt WS 1852-11. Holed for suspension. OBV: Military bust of Scott with head turned to right; around, GEN WINFIELD SCOTT, FIRST IN WAR FIRST IN PEACE. REV: Around, SCOTT & GRAHM UNION & CONSTITUTION, enclosing displayed eagle.

Winfield Scott, the foremost American military leader in the first half of the 19th century, played a prominent role in every major conflict from the War of 1812 to the Civil War. The personification of the grizzled general, it was hoped that Scott's wartime exploits would translate into victory on the political battlefield. The strategy that had worked for Taylor in 1848 failed for Scott, however. He lost to his Democratic opponent, the junior officer Franklin Pierce, mainly because Whigs were divided over the issue of slavery (a rupture that would ultimately destroy the party and lead to the formation of the modern Republican Party in 1854). Scott, who probably didn't want to be president anyway, returned to military service.

In 1855 he was promoted to lieutenant general, becoming the first man since George Washington to hold that rank. He was commander of the U.S. Army upon the outbreak of the Civil War. His proposed strategy for subduing the South by naval blockade and control of the Mississippi was ridiculed and he was soon forced into retirement. The strategy, later carried out by Grant and Farragut, eventually won the war.

We offer a choice specimen of an original token minted for Scott's 1852 presidential campaign.

Note: Natural patina may vary from example shown.

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