George McClellan Civil War token
George McClellan Civil War token

George McClellan Civil War token

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Token celebrating General George McClellan, c. 1864.
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SIZE: 19 mm
GRADE: Choice/XF

Token celebrating Gen. George McClellan, c. 1864. Copper. DeWitt GMcC 1864-31, 32, 33, etc. Representative examples shown. OBV: Bust of McClellan in uniform. Various reverse designs and legends, e.g. ONE CENT; ARMY & NAVY; UNITED STATES COPPER.

Relieved of his command a second time by Lincoln for failing to exploit a costly Union victory at Antietam, McClellan sought, with comparable success, to relieve Lincoln of his command by means of the ballot box, running as the Democratic Party nominee in 1864. Lincoln managed to fend off this challenge, but for much of the race McClellan, or "Little Mac," as he was known affectionately to the troops, was the frontrunner.

Originally issued as patriotic war tokens (and accepted as substitutes for pennies, which were in short supply), these copper coins circulated widely during the 1864 presidential campaign. We offer a choice specimen, grading extremely fine or better.

The token you receive will be one of the designs shown, or a close variant.

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