George Washington: Battersea Curtain Tie-Back

George Washington: Battersea Curtain Tie-Back

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Curtain tie-back, or mirror support, celebrating George Washington, c. 1790. Battersea enamelware in brass housing. Produced in England for export to the United States during Washington's presidency. Very minor crazing of enamel, and, as found on nearly every example, the screw tip has broken off. Displays near mint.

Battersea enamelware was considered the finest of its kind produced in England during the 18th century. Curtain tie-backs were popular decorative items in upper middle-class homes, and were later removed as styles changed or the building was demolished. Surviving examples are prized by modern collectors, and represent one of the few 3-D objects dating to Washington's time with his likeless. The present example is the best we have offered, and is superior to some that have sold for upwards of $2000 at auction. An investment quality piece of early Americana and Washingtoniana.

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