Guard Your Gains in State and Nation

Guard Your Gains in State and Nation

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Poster promoting Franklin Roosevelt for president, Harry Truman for U.S. senator, Lawrence McDaniel for governor, and six candidates for statewide office in Missouri, 1940. Cardboard. Light damp stains confined to upper margin.

Harry Truman had only begun to find his bearings in Washington after an awkward first term as U.S. Senator from Missouri. Accorded little respect by his Senate colleagues, he had thrown himself into the minutiae of minor committee assignments, introducing few bills and barely warranting the notice of the White House. It would be in his second term, following reelection in 1940, that Truman would emerge from obscurity and enter the national spotlight, chairing a high-profile special committee charged with investigating waste and corruption in the wartime defense industry. In 1944, he would be sharing the ticket with Roosevelt, and the following year Truman would find himself leading the nation.

This poster was issued in Truman's home state and features the current and future presidents.

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