[Hancock and English]

[Hancock and English]

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Medalet promoting Winfield Hancock for president and William English for vice president, 1880. Brass. DeWitt WSH 1880-4. Holed for suspension.

Obv. Jugata busts of Hancock and English. Rev. Inscription around, W. S. HANCOCK W. H. ENGLISH, enclosing a rooster.

The election of 1880 saw both parties, and the nation, deeply divided. Democrats, traditionally the party of the South, nominated General Winfield Scott Hancock, who had distinguished himself in the service of the North during the Civil War (notably at the Battle of Gettysburg). Indiana politican William English was chosen as his running mate. They narrowly lost to Republican compromise candidates Garfield and Arthur.

N.B.—The rooster was once the symbol of the Democratic Party.

Note: Natural patina may vary from example shown.

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