Henry Clay
Henry Clay 'The Ashland Farmer'

Henry Clay "The Ashland Farmer"

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Medalet promoting Henry Clay for president, 1844.
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Medalet promoting Henry Clay for president, 1844. Brass. DeWitt HC 1844-36. Holed for suspension. OBV: Nude bust of Clay to left; inscription around above, HENRY CLAY/ THE ASHLAND FARMER; below, BORN APRIL 12, 1777, stars to right left. REV: Inscription around, WEIGHED IN THE BALANCE AND FOUND WANTING, enclosing scale with DEMOCRATS on banner in upper pan, WHIGS in lower pan, 1840 between the pans.

If any man ever deserved to be president, Henry Clay was that man. Running in every election going back to 1832, he helped found the Whig Party, and in 1844 was nominated by acclamation. In light of his stature in the Senate (he had drafted the Missouri Compromise), and his international renown as a diplomat (he negotiated the Treaty of Ghent), his supporters viewed his election all but preordained. But in a stunning upset, he narrowly lost to the darkhorse James Polk, his presidential aspirations never to be realized.

We offer a choice example of an original Henry Clay campaign medalet.

Note: Natural patina may vary from example shown.

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