James A. Garfield / Died President of U.S.

James A. Garfield / Died President of U.S.

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25 mm


Medalet memorializing President James Garfield, 1881. Silvered brass. Variant of DeWitt JG 1880-8. Holed for suspension.

OBV: Bust of Garfield to left; around, JAMES A. GARFIELD. REV: Representation of the White House above a scene depicting a boy riding a horse towing a boat in a canal; in exergue, BORN NOV. 19 1831/ DIED PRESIDENT OF U.S./ SEP.19 1881.

Less than a year after his election to the presidency, this medalet, originally struck for the 1880 campaign, was reissued with a different exergue inscription to commemorate Garfield's death. It would have been attached to a black ribbon and worn on the lapel by a mourner. We offer a choice, high grade example.

Note: Natural patina may vary slightly from example shown.

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