James Blaine and Belva Lockwood: Rare Salt River ticket

James Blaine and Belva Lockwood: Rare Salt River ticket

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Satirical "Salt River ticket" satirizing the defeat of James Blaine in the presidential election, 1884. Pictures Blaine as an invalid on crutches. The ticket will grant passage on the steamer J.G.B. "for those who made every effort to have the fraud of 1876 repeated...and deny that Cleveland and Hendricks were elected." References suffragist and National Equal Rights Party candidate Belva Lockwood, and Maria Halpin, Cleveland's alleged illegitimate child. Passing down the Potomac, passengers will "take their last and final look at the promised land--Washington." Creases and minor edge tears.

Salt River tickets, prized by collectors of political paper, appeared in nearly every election of the late 19th century, meant to poke fun at the opposing side and imply they had booked passage on a craft bound for nowhere. This one was issued following Blaine's surprise defeat, and is the first example we have seen.

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