John C. Fremont:
John C. Fremont: '$5 gold piece' OUR COUNTRY medalet

John C. Fremont: "$5 gold piece" OUR COUNTRY medalet

Price: $90.00
Medal promoting John Fremont for president, 1856.
Catalog No: 20019
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SIZE: 23 mm
GRADE: Choice/AU

Medalet promoting John Fremont for president, 1856. Gilt brass. DeWitt JF 1856-14. Holed for suspension. OBV: Bust of Fremont with head turned to left; inscription to left, J.C. FREMONT./ BORN.; to right, JAN.21./ 1813. REV: Eagle with wings displayed, perched on globe of the world, encircled by inscription, OUR COUNTRY, and thirteen stars.

DeWitt notes that this medalet was deliberately made to resemble a U.S. $5 gold coin. Bright, high grade specimen.

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