Keep Coolidge
Keep Coolidge

Keep Coolidge

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Pinback button promoting Calvin Coolidge for president, 1924.
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Pinback button promoting Calvin Coolidge for president, 1924. A.J. Keil Co., Philadelphia.

Coolidge became president upon the death of Warren Harding in August 1923. Sworn-in by his own father (a justice of the peace in his home town of Plymouth, Vermont), Coolidge took office just as the Teapot Dome scandal was erupting. Despite the taint of corruption in the Harding administration, Coolidge emerged unscathed, and went unchallenged for the Republican nomination in 1924. He faced only token opposition in the general election, despite a revolt within in the Republican ranks led by Robert LaFollette. The Democrat running was a little-known Congressman from West Virginia. The slogan coined by the campaign—Keep Coolidge—literally tripped off the tongue, and quite fittingly appeared on a wide array of campaign items, including this classic "keystone" pinback featuring Silent Cal's likeness.

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