Kennedy Si
Kennedy Si

Kennedy Si

Price: $48.95
Pinback button promoting Robert Kennedy for president, 1968.
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SIZE: 1.5 in.
GRADE: Choice/VF
Pinback button promoting Robert Kennedy for president, 1968. Trace mottling (representative example shown).

When he managed his brother's campaign in 1960, Robert Kennedy realized that a key to victory in California, which would mean victory in November, lay in the largely overlooked, politically unsophisticated and heavily Catholic Hispanic-American urban barrios and agricultural communities of the Sunshine State. He carried this insight with him eight years later, when campaigning for California's delegates, once again in a make-or-break race that would determine whether he could overcome McCarthy, and stand a fighting chance against Humphrey for the nomination.

This colorful and scarce button was issued for distribution in the Hispanic population centers of California in the weeks leading up to the June 4 primary. An example sold for $240 in Anderson Americana Auction #146 (Feb. 2008; lot 1530). We have a small number available at a price substantially under that high water mark. A key RFK button you are not likely to see offered anywhere for less.

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