New Dealers and Cold Warriors

In this update we feature a selection of items from the New Deal era to the 1980s, a period defined by liberal domestic policies and a bellicose foreign policy. FDR and Truman, Ike and Nixon, Kennedy and Johnson, as well as the men who ran against them, are represented. Quite a few of these items are new to our catalog, and many are the best examples we've encountered.

For those who prefer earlier material, rest assured more is on the way. Last week, we acquired a large collection of buttons heavy on McKinley, TR and Taft, and you will begin seeing the restocks in coming weeks. We may send out another email blast if there are enough of them, but astute buyers know to check that category between updates, as we're adding all the time.

Legacy Americana is sponsoring the APIC National Convention, to be held in Nashville the last week of July, and Victor will be attending. Many of you have likely already made plans to attend, but if you wish to learn more, visit the APIC website.

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