Our Story

Founded in 2005 by professional antiquarian Victor Mongeau, Legacy Americana is a leader in the historical collectibles industry. We have amassed one of the largest inventories of its kind in the world, and continue to expand our catalog. In addition, we offer consignment and consultation services, aiding sellers in bringing their historical, cultural, political and presidential memorabilia to a global market.

Victor got his start as a dealer in the 1990s, when, following years of collecting, he began issuing printed sales lists of Americana while in high school. One of these lists brought him to the attention of a more established dealer, who took him on as an assistant-apprentice at age 19. By the time Victor left this job to attend college in 1999, he was helping conduct major auctions and run one of the first retail websites devoted to political and presidential memorabilia.

Pursuing a degree in the liberal arts, Victor was in his sophomore year at St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland, when he was offered the mail order and online portion of the business by his former employer. Sensing an opportunity, and realizing a career as a full-time dealer was incompatible with that of a full-time student, he withdrew at the end of the semester and formed a partnership with his ex-employer's webmaster. This arrangement lasted until 2002, when Victor returned home to Arizona to help his mother care for his father, a former rodeo cowboy and horseman, who was ailing.

Following his father's death in 2004, Victor found himself back in the employment of the dealer who had given him his start, helping to launch an auction website. This job took him to coastal California, and after a year of hard work the website was nearing completion when it was decided his services were no longer required. The relationship of the two dealers had evolved from mentor-apprentice to respected colleagues and peers, and they agreed to part ways amicably. Victor again returned to Arizona, this time settling permanently in Tucson, his home and base of operations to this day.

This takes us to late 2005, and the founding of Legacy Americana. Using the inventory and customer base he had built up since starting his first business, Victor launched yet another website, and began issuing printed catalogs. Over time, Legacy Americana has grown in size and stature, and is now one of the leading retailers of historical Americana in the world, serving private collectors and institutions on five continents. As we approach our tenth anniversary, it is with great pride that we debut our new website, which we hope will introduce even more people to this fascinating world of collecting.

Thanks for visiting, and we look forward to serving you!