Republican Candidate for President of the United States

Republican Candidate for President of the United States

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28 mm


Medalet promoting James G. Blaine for president, 1884. White metal. DeWitt JGB 1884-13. Holed for suspension.

Obv: Bust of Blaine to left in oval with laurel and palm spray below, flanked by three flags to right and left and surmounted by three plumes; inscription to left, JAMES G.; to right, BLAINE. Rev: Inscription, REPUBLICAN/ CANDIDATE FOR/, on a scroll, PRESIDENT, below, OF THE/ UNITED STATES/ 1884, all enclosed by serrated border and circle of stars.

A leader of the conservative, or Stalwart Republicans, Senator James Gillespie Blaine of Maine was a man of such aristocratic bearing that he acquired the dignified sobriquet "Plumed Knight", and many Blaine campaign items incorporate chivalric iconography in their design. Blaine's nomination divided the party, and many reform-minded Republicans bolted the ticket to support the Democrat, Grover Cleveland.

A bright, high grade specimen of this suitably dignified Blaine medalet.

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