Roosevelt Memorial Association
Roosevelt Memorial Association

Roosevelt Memorial Association

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Application for membership in the Theordore Roosevelt Memorial Association, 1919.
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Application for membership in the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Association, 1919.

Until his sudden death on January 6, 1919, Theodore Roosevelt was favored to win the Republican presidential nomination in 1920. His fervent support of the war and outspoken criticism of Woodrow Wilson had gone a long way to reconcile Republicans still embittered over his 1912 defection to the Progressives. Had TR been alive to run in 1920, he almost certainly would have been elected--and there would have been a Roosevelt on both major tickets (his cousin Franklin was nominated for VP by the Democrats in 1920). The public outpouring of grief upon news of Roosevelt's passing was immense, and a national organization was formed to enshrine his memory in a "permanent memorial" in Washington.

We offer an original membership blank issued by this organization, dated 1919.

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