Seymour & Blair 1868 "General Amnesty"

Seymour & Blair 1868 "General Amnesty"

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28 mm


Medalet promoting Horatio Seymour for president and Frank Blair for vice president, 1868. Brass. DeWitt HS 1868-7. Holed for suspension.

Obv. Jugata busts; inscription around, SEYMOUR & BLAIR; below, 1868. Rev. Inscription, GENERAL/ AMNESTY,/ UNIFORM/ CURRENCY,/ EQUAL TAXES/ &/ EQUAL RIGHTS, enclosed in oak and olive wreath.

In the first presidential election after the Civil War, Democrats rallied behind New York governor Horatio Seymour and Missouri congressman Frank Blair. Seymour gained notoriety for his vocal support of the draft rioters and criticism of Lincoln during the war. Blair, scion of a powerful Democratic family, had owned slaves but advocated gradual emancipation. Elected as a Republican, he switched parties when Congress became dominated by radical abolitionists. Advocating a policy of reconciliation, including repeal of the Reconstruction acts and general amnesty for former Confederates, Seymour and Blair polled close to 50% of the popular vote, but lost to the pro-Reconstruction Republicans Grant and Colfax.

Campaign material for the 1868 Democratic ticket is prohibitively scarce. We offer a choice specimen of this jugate medalet.

Note: Natural patina may vary from example shown.

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