Stand Up for LBJ
Stand Up for LBJ

Stand Up for LBJ

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Brochure promoting Lyndon Johnson for president, 1968.
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Brochure promoting Lyndon Johnson for president, 1968. Wisconsin Citizens for Johnson-Humphrey, Milwaukee. Issued for the April 2 presidential primary. Urges voters to "listen to the facts, not the attacks," and support the reelection of President Johnson. "Don't be swayed by erroneous newspaper reporting... Now is the time to unite against the vicious, unjust and unwarranted attacks being leveled at our President." Highlights accomplishments including expansion of Social Security, creation of Medicare and Medicaid, job creation, consumer protection, and passage of legislation including the Child Protection Act, Truth in Lending Act, and the Traffic and Highway Safety Acts. An oblique reference to the Vietnam War appears on the back, under the heading, "President Johnson is Working for a Just Peace," below which appears an excerpt from a recent speech in which Johnson says he "did not retreat when the going got rough...when the cities were stormed, the villages assaulted, and the people massacred."

Johnson's announcement, only days before the Wisconsin primary, that he would not seek another term, left the race for the Democratic nomination wide open. His supporters were left to decide whether to cast a vote for a man who wasn't running, or one of the men responsible for the "unwarranted attacks" referred to in this brochure.

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