The Sage of Chappaqua H. Greeley

The Sage of Chappaqua H. Greeley

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24 mm


Medalet promoting Horace Greeley for president, 1872. Brass. DeWitt HG 1872-10. Holed for suspension.

Obv. Bust of Greeley to right; inscription around, THE SAGE OF CHAPPAQUA; below, H. GREELEY, stars left and right. Rev. Displayed eagle, inscription around, GREELEY. BROWN. & AMNESTY.

Greeley, the eccentric editor of the New York Tribune and one of the founders of the Republican Party, was chosen by a breakaway faction of Republicans fed up with the corruption of the Grant administration. The Democratic Party was in disarray and failed to unite behind a candidate. Hoping to appeal to Southern Democrats, Greeley favored amnesty for ex-Confederate and an end to Reconstruction. The dissenters were little match for Grant's reelection juggernaut, however, and the Greeley-Brown ticket lost in a landslide. Exhausted by the campaign, Greeley died just weeks after the election.

Items from Greeley's ill-fated presidential campaign are prized by collectors and seldom appear on the market. We offer a choice specimen of the signature Greeley campaign token.

Note: Natural patina may vary from example shown.

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