Ulysses S. Grant Philadelphia visit (1879)

Ulysses S. Grant Philadelphia visit (1879)

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26 mm


Medalet celebrating President Ulysses S. Grant, 1879. Copper.

Obv: Bust of Grant to left; around, ULYSSES S. GRANT. Rev: Around (outer circle), STRUCK AND DISTRIBUTED IN THE MUNICIPAL PARADE, (inner circle) BY THE EMPLOYEES OF THE U.S. MINT, PHILA. DEC. 16, 1879, enclosing seal of the City of Philadelphia.

After leaving the White House, Grant and his family embarked on a world tour, and were the toast of royalty from England to Siam. Upon returning after two years, he was given the royal treatment by his countrymen. Every city he visited held a parade in his honor, and it began to appear that he might run for president again in 1880. This medalet was a souvenir of the welcoming celebration held for Grant at Philadelphia in 1879. We offer a choice specimen.

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