Wallace '48
Wallace '48

Wallace '48

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Pinback button promoting Henry Wallace for president, 1948.
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Pinback button promoting Henry Wallace for president, 1948. Litho. Bastian Bros. Co., Rochester, New York.

Henry Wallace, wartime vice president under Franklin Roosevelt, was ousted by Southern conservatives at the 1944 Democratic convention, and he returned to the cabinet, where he remained until after FDR's death. Wallace served under Truman until 1946, when he publicly opposed some of the president's policies and was dismissed. He served as editor of the The New Republic (1946-47) before reentering politics as leader of the leftist Progressive Party, which fielded him as its presidential candidate in 1948. Wallace advocated closer cooperation with the Soviet Union, United Nations administration of foreign aid, and arms reduction. He received over a million votes in the election.

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