We The People Will Win with Willkie

We The People Will Win with Willkie

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Pinback button promoting Wendell Willkie for president, 1940.

The reference to the preamble to the Constitution is not accidental. When Franklin Roosevelt opted to break with a long-standing tradition and run for a third term in 1940, it was contended by some of his opponents that, while the president was not explicitly barred from continuing to serve, an extended tenure would violate the balance of powers outlined in the nation's foundational document. It followed, therefore, that a victory for Willkie was a victory for Constitutional government itself. The electorate didn't buy the argument, returning the popular leader to office in 1940 and again in 1944. It was, however, a reaction to Roosevelt's protracted presidency that the Constitution was later amended.

One of the classic buttons from this election.

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