These days, consumers have almost unlimited choices in how they spend their money. No longer can one or two companies monopolize the goods and services available, controlling prices and limiting choice. The collectibles industry is no different. It's a buyer's market, and any company that hopes to establish itself and enjoy sustained growth must adopt the highest standards in all aspects of its operation. Only in this way can it earn its customers' dollars and trust.

We thought it might be helpful to new customers if we summarized just what exactly sets Legacy Americana apart. Ultimately, we know you'll be the judge.

Authenticity. Lots of sellers represent what they sell as "old" or "vintage," but unless they guarantee authenticity, you can't be sure what you're getting. Reproductions can be very deceptive, even fooling some dealers who lack experience. Legacy Americana provides a blanket guarantee of authenticity, covering every item we sell without exception, and we have the experience to back it up. Whenever a reproduction finds its way into our inventory, it is destroyed or labeled so that it can never find its way onto the marketplace again, and we try to educate our customers in telling the difference.

Quality and condition. Even if a seller assures you that what he or she is selling is authentic, you may not wind up with the best example available. Always be wary of the claim that an item is in good condition "for its age." This is usually a cover for any flaws the seller is either too lazy or afraid to disclose. We closely inspect every item that passes through our hands, culling out those that don't meet our high standards. Even the slightest defect will be noted in the description, if a flawed specimen is offered at all. When you buy from Legacy, you know that what you're getting is not only genuine, but likely the best example on the market.

Value. We don't advertise that we can "beat any price" because we don't have to. As anyone who even briefly compares the leading online retailers of historical Americana will find, item-for-item Legacy offers some of the best values in the industry. An isolated bargain may be had elsewhere, but on the broad spectrum of collectibles featured in our ever-expanding catalog, your money goes farthest at Legacy. Investing in history has never been easier.

Service. A lot of sellers seem to think that once they have your money, their obligation to you is somehow open to conjecture. They get to your order when they feel like it, or when their day job permits them. For packing material, they dig through the rubbish bin. Their methods are ad hoc, and all their inefficiencies get passed along to the customer with inflated rates and surcharges. At Legacy, this is all we do. Every step of the order fulfillment process has been carefully thought out to eliminate inefficiency and waste. We treat it like a profession, which means you can count on professional service each and every time you buy from us.

Knowledge and expertise. No doubt you'll see many of the items found in our catalog offered elsewhere, but nowhere will you find them as expertly described, often with lively and informative commentary concerning historical context and significance. There are many dealers in Americana, but few are true scholars of their chosen field. Few grasp the deeper meaning of what they're selling, and even fewer will bother to explain it to you. Legacy treats education as core to its business model, and if all a visitor to our website comes away with is a deeper appreciation of history, we have succeeded in one of our primary goals.

If you're looking for a source of authentic historical, cultural and political artifacts, and you want the best selection and quality at the best prices, presented with aplomb and delivered with care, backed up by the best warranty in the industry, look no further than Legacy Americana.

Happy collecting!

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