William Henry Harrison: Rare "Fire Wagon" mourning ribbon

William Henry Harrison: Rare "Fire Wagon" mourning ribbon

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Ribbon worn by a mourner of President William Henry Harrison, 1841. Printed silk. Sullivan-Fischer WHH-M6a. Framed oval bust of Harrison before pedestal bearing funerary urn inscribed HARRISON, flanked by a stand of draped flags, an hourglass, and sheltered by a weeping willow. Above, eagle flying with streamer in beak inscribed, OUR NATION MOURNS A HERO GONE. Below, vital statistics, black bar, and a horse-drawn fire engine beneath the legend, FIRE DEPARTMENT. Verso, obituary biography of Harrison.

Presumably, worn by a firefighter in a funeral procession, likely in New York or Philadelphia. One of the least common Harrison mourning ribbons. Pristine example.

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