Winfield S. Hancock: A Superb Soldier - A Model President

Winfield S. Hancock: A Superb Soldier - A Model President

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Medalet promoting Winfield S. Hancock for president, 1880. Brass. DeWitt WSH 1880-3. Holed for suspension. OBV: Around, WINFIELD S. HANCOCK, enclosing military bust of Hancock. REV: Around, A SUPERB SOLDIER A MODEL PRESIDENT, enclosing a cloverleaf inscribed 2 A C.

Hancock, the Gettysburg hero whose post-war military service in Louisiana and Texas so endeared him to Democrats that he was drafted to be their presidential nominee in 1880, narrowly lost to fellow "bloody shirt" candidate, James Garfield. The cloverleaf was the insignia of Hancock’s Second Army Corps. Hardly a politician, when awakened the morning after the election with the news that he had lost, Hancock merely remarked, "so be it," rolled over and went back to sleep.

Campaign items promoting Hancock's candidacy are uncommon, and most sell for upwards of $100. We offer a choice specimen of this medalet.

Note: Natural patina may vary from example shown.

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