Work and Wages Roosevelt Curley

Work and Wages Roosevelt Curley

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Pinback button promoting Franklin Roosevelt for president and James Curley for governor of Massachusetts, 1934. Universal Badge Co., Boston.

Boston mayor James M. Curley rode the president's coattails into the governor's mansion in 1934, having failed in a previous bid 10 years earlier. A populist Democrat with roots in the Irish working class, Curley was a firm backer of the New Deal, but his brash political style clashed with FDR's patrician sensibilities, and the two were never close allies. A series of scandals caused Roosevelt to withhold his support for Curley in his 1936 Senate bid, but Curley would mount a comeback in 1942, winning a seat in Congress, where he was a strong supporter of Roosevelt's social agenda. Coming full circle, after leaving Washington, he would be elected to a fourth term as mayor of Boston.

An unlisted variant of one of the key Roosevelt coattail buttons, this example is pristine save for a little loss to the back paper insert. Ex. Frent collection.

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