World War II:
World War II: 'Bundles for Britain' American-British alliance pinback

World War II: "Bundles for Britain" American-British alliance pinback

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Pinback button promoting Bundles for Britain, c. 1941.
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Pinback button promoting Bundles for Britain, c. 1941. Economy Novelty and Printing Co., New York.

Bundles for Britain was started in 1940 by Mrs. Natalie Latham as a knitting circle in a storefront in New York City. Knitted goods—socks, gloves, hats, sweaters, and scarves—were made and shipped to Britain. By 1941, Bundles was shipping ambulances, surgical instruments, medicines, cots, blankets, field-kitchen units, and operating tables, along with used clothing of all sorts. The total value of goods shipped reached $1,500,000; another $1,000,000 was raised in cash. Mrs. Latham was recognized for this wartime effort, being invested by King George VI as an honorary Commander of the British Empire in 1946, the first non-British subject to receive this honor.

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