World War II: Dyson & Horsfall WAR AGAINST HITLERISM souvenir teapot

World War II: Dyson & Horsfall WAR AGAINST HITLERISM souvenir teapot

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Teapot celebrating the alliance between Great Britian and France against Nazi Germany, and promoting the Allied war effort, 1939. Color transfer earthenware china. Ducal Crown Ware, for Dyson & Horsfall, Preston, England. Decorated with a Union Jack and the French flag, with smaller flags of various British and French colonies. One side has the flags above the legend, LIBERTY AND FREEDOM. The opposite side has the flags with a rectangular cartouche inscribed, WAR AGAINST HITLERISM/ This Souvenir Teapot was made for DYSON & HORSFALL of PRESTON to replace ALUMINIUM STOCKS taken over for ALLIED ARMAMENTS, 1939. Apart from typical minor crazing, this example is in perfect condition.

During the war, metals, including domestic items, were collected for recycling into armaments. Dyson & Horsfall was a mail-order catalog firm, and this teapot was added to their 1939 Christmas catalog as a replacement for aluminium teapots the company had previously offered, which had been surrendered to the government. They were popular with the British public, and examples are found in the Royal War Museum, as well as the British Museum.

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