Freedom to All

Our final update of 2023 features items from the years leading up to and during the Civil War, a conflict that arose over sectional differences stemming from the extension of slavery. As long as the "peculiar institution" remained confined to the South and did not expand, compromise was possible, but as the western territories were settled, the issue came to dominate national politics. A growing abolition movement in the North, and the defensive rhetoric of Southern "fire eaters" precipitated a crisis that eventually lead each side to take up arms.

The era was a great one for the production of tokens and medals, and these feature prominently in this update. Most are from one collection of political exonumia, the most important to come to market since the J. Doyle DeWitt. Bidding in the DeWitt sales has been fierce, driving prices on many rare issues to stratospheric levels, so this represents an opportunity to buy for your collection without duking it out and literally paying a premium. 

 Orders shipped by Monday should arrive with standard service before Christmas, however express service is recommended if you want to be certain. We will offer overnight service until Thursday, Dec. 21. We will close Friday, Dec. 22, reopening Tuesday, Jan. 2.

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